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Do I Need a Waste Management Plan?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

In the state of California, a Waste Management Plan is required for just about any construction project. "Why is a Waste Management Plan Required?" and "What is a Waste Management Plan?" are just a few of the questions that we'll talk more about below.

Why is A Waste Management Plan Required?

A Waste Management Plan is required to show your local building department exactly how you plan to manage construction waste throughout the duration of your construction project.

You see, for any construction project within the state of California, there are a set of rules and regulations to be followed called "building standards" or "building codes". These rules and regulations are in place to mandate consistent construction quality, safety, and efficiency standards throughout the state. As part of these rules and regulations, it is required to provide documentation regarding the proper management of wasted materials during construction.

What is a Waste Management Plan?

For clarity, a Waste Management Plan is a document used to indicate how exactly a contractor proposes to organize and dispose of all construction and/or demolition waste on any given construction site. Amongst some design professionals and contractors, this document can also be referred to as an "WMP" or simply "Waste Management Form".

The creation a Waste Management Plan is typically the responsibility of the general contractor and/or their subcontractors. When creating a Waste Management Plan, the responsible party will evaluate the project as a whole, determine the quantity of construction waste that is estimated throughout the duration of the project, and note the facilities that which they plan to use for disposal. When the project is complete, you can expect that the building department will want to see a final report associated with waste management on your project. Often times, this will include; receipts for material hauling, weight tags, gate receipts from disposal facilities, and invoices from recycling facilities. In some cases, only specific disposal facilities are acceptable for use, so it's vital that you have your Waste Management Plan approved by your local jurisdiction prior to construction.

Important Note; In some cases, the building department you're working with will not require a waste management plan to be provided. As this is a location specific standard, it's important to verify your local requirements prior to construction.

Where Do I Get A Waste Management Plan?

In most cases, your local building department will have a typical Waste Management document that your contractor can fill out for your project. If they do not have one available, it's best to request a list of approved agencies who can assist in the creation of your plan.

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