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Do I Need a Title 24 Report?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

If you're planning to build or fully renovate a home in California, a Title 24 report will likely be required. "Why is a Title 24 Report Required?" and "What is a Title 24 Report?" are just a few of the questions that we'll talk more about below.

Why is A Title 24 Report Required?

The reason you're required to obtain a Title 24 Report is to show your local building department exactly how you plan to comply with the energy compliance portion of the building code.

You see, for any construction project within the state of California, there are a set of rules and regulations to be followed called "building standards" or "building codes". These rules and regulations are in place to mandate consistent construction quality, safety, and efficiency standards throughout the state. As the formula used to ensure compliance on the efficiency end is complex, a Title 24 Report is required to provide all of the necessary details in an organized and state approved fashion. What are those complexities you ask? Well, let's get right into it!

What is a Title 24 Report?

For clarity, a Title 24 Report is a certificate used to show proof that your home is going to be as energy efficient as required by California code. Amongst some design professionals and contractors, this report can also be referred to as an "Energy Report" or the "CF1R".

Using a computer program, one approved by the California Energy Commission, details about your home will be run through a formula that considers a number of energy loss and consumption factors. These considerations include; the climate that your home will be built in, your homes orientation to the sun, quantity and locations of windows and doors, depth of the roof overhang at the eaves, and many more specifics regarding the energy consumption values of appliances to be used. Resulting from this formula, your Title 24 Report will indicate the minimum amount of insulation required, door & window thicknesses, and appliance efficiency requirements. In reviewing the details of your home, you and your design professional can adjust certain values to dial in the most cost effective energy model for your home. This could include; decreasing the thickness of your windows by increasing thickness of insulation, using a gas appliance over an electric appliance to reduce electrical load, or even routing your HVAC ducting in a unique manner to reduce waste.

Important Note; Working with an experienced professional could save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary labor and materials costs. An experienced pro will navigate the energy modeling process with great consideration for your budget, construction schedule, and your personal energy consumption goals.

Where Do I Get A Title 24 Report?

Though there are several "Do-It-Yourself" options for purchasing a Title 24 Report, we recommend hiring a local professional to handle this aspect of your project. The reason is, it will only cost you a few hundred dollars more to hire a pro, but it could cost you tens of thousands dollars in simple mistakes when drafted without experience. In addition, the professional you hire should be familiar with the construction techniques most common to your area, as well as standards that are acceptable by your local permitting department. This means you shouldn't have a problem finding somebody who can install what's described within the report, and your local permitting department shouldn't have a long list of questions about how everything will be achieved.

We hope to hear that this article has been of value to you! Please feel free to contact our team with any questions or concerns regarding this article. Click here to redirect to our contact page.

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