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Detached Garage / Shop Design Services

If you'd like to add a detached garage or shop to your property, you'll be happy to find that we offer the cheapest and quickest design and permitting process available! To get started, we ask that you please reach out to us by clicking one of the links below. We'd be glad to discuss design costs & your build schedule!
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Permit Process - Building a Detached Garage / Shop (California)

If this is your first time building a detached garage or shop, we understand that the design and permitting process can seem complicated, time consuming, and often times overwhelming. In efforts to better educate the public, and to better assist first time builders, we're on a mission to consolidate valuable information regarding the financing, design, permitting, construction, and even maintenance of a detached garage or shop.
As an introduction to said education, please see below to learn a bit more about what your detached garage / shop may or may not require for permitting. In your search for a company to design your project, you should ask about each of these items to ensure that you're receiving an all inclusive package.
Documents Required For All Detached Garages / Shops
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