New Construction House Plans

Plans, blueprints, drawings, whichever term you like, we provide our clients with comprehensive construction packages for new construction homes, ADU’s (in-law units), garages, porches, and even backyard pergolas. Though you will find that we also do remodels and additions, new construction is our specialty!

Title 24 & Manual J's

Typically packaged with our new constriction plans, we offer Title 24 and Manual J documents necessary for permitting in most California jurisdictions. These reports indicate how energy efficient the home will be and what minimum requirements will need to be met during construction to achieve these standards. 

Remodels & Additions

In addition to our new construction services, we can also assist our clients in putting together construction packages and/or 3D drawings for remodels and additions. Whether you’re adding another room to your house, or just need some help with planning your kitchen remodel, we’re here to help! 

As-builts (Measuring & Drawing Existing Homes)

Need to provide the building department with drawings of your existing home? We can help with that! Essentially, we will come to your house to take pictures and measure what’s existing, and from there we can put together as-built floor plans and even elevations depending on our clients specific needs.

3D Modeling & Rendering

This part is a blast. Utilizing 3D design software, we’re able to take any of our designs and show you a live demo of what the home will look like, and we can create 3D images/renderings from any angle! This service is not only great for clients who wants to truly visualize what their house will look like before it’s built, but it’s also a great tool for construction drawings as this smart technology allows us to identify and provide solutions for tricky construction conditions before we even break ground.

Contracted Drafting Labor

Geared more for architects, engineers, and other drafting companies, we offer our drafting labor for not only residential work, but also commercial and public works projects. Think of us as an extension of your current labor force, minus all of the requirements that come with hiring a W2 employee! In this capacity, each relationship is unique, so please reach out to discuss exactly what we can do to assist you in your drafting needs. 

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