Disaster Rebuild Design Services

The process for designing a disaster rebuild is very much like the process for designing a new custom home. Our job is still to manage your family's needs and desires while carefully considering your budget, property constraints, and build schedule. In addition, we will work with your contractor and insurance company to ensure that you're getting the most out of your insurance coverages. To get more information about budget and build schedule, please click one of the links below to get in touch! We look forward to helping out.

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Permitting Process - Rebuilding From A Natural Disaster (California)

If this is your first time rebuilding from a natural disaster, we understand that the design and permitting process can seem complicated, time consuming, and often times overwhelming. In efforts to better educate the public, and to better assist those who are experiencing this for the first time, we're on a mission to consolidate valuable information regarding the financing, design, permitting, construction, and even maintenance of a disaster rebuild.
As an introduction to said education, please see below to learn a bit more about what your home may or may not require for permitting. In your search for a company to design your rebuild, you should ask about each of these items to ensure that you are receiving an all inclusive package.
Documents Required For All Disaster Rebuilds
Image by Erik Mclean
Image by Zbynek Burival
Image by Shane McLendon
Documents Additionally Required In Specific Cases